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An agent or editor has requested to see pages, now what?

TL Costa, writer of young adult thrillers, will coach you on how to uncover subtle mistakes writers make in their work that should be eliminated before sending it to an editor or agent.  In this one-hour workshop the writer will learn:

  • how to use  white space on the page in your favor
  •  avoid over-description
  •  identify the over-use of adjectives and adverbs
  • how to wipe out passive voice
  • tricks to eliminate passive words that pull the reader out of the story as well as avoiding useless modifiers.

Many writers don’t know how to trim their prose or how to use variation of sentence structure to make the writing flow. TL Costa will show you how. Add to that her vast knowledge of how to add physical and emotional reactions that will help you pull the reader into your work.


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Taming the Twitterverse

Fee: $15-20
Dates: August 13-15

Many writers want to be on Twitter but feel that they are either out of their comfort zone, don’t have the content, or don’t have the time.  Debut author T.L. Costa, author of PLAYING TYLER, will help you get more comfortable with this valuable social media tool and help you learn the “ropes.”

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • create an effective profile
  • use hashtags properly
  • write effective tweets
  • get followers who are real people
  • create lists for easy Twitter navigation

After presenting this workshop at her local RWA chapter, T.L. was asked to expand the lesson and offer it as a online course.  Each participant will receive feedback and interact with T.L. on Twitter, so she can help you gain enthusiasm for this wonderful, free marketing tool.

T.L.Costa is the author of PLAYING TYLER, coming in July of 2013 from Strange Chemistry Books. Her Twitter handle is @tlcosta1

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Novel-Writing Bootcamp

This two-hour presentation goes over the basics of everything you need to know as you write your novel.  Perfect for school and library groups, it covers:


-writing engaging character

-basic plot points

-common writing pitfalls


-world building

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